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At Eco Tuk Tours, we are passionate about the climate and the environment.

All our Tuk Tuk's are electric, and we have just participated in an EU project (TOURBAN), to find out how to create a tool to measure our CO2 savings compared to other similar trips in Dubrovnik.

Our aim in the project was twofold. We want to show how much CO2 our customers save using our

eco-friendly vehicles compared to our local competitors, but also provide an example and be a role-model for other companies to shift to more eco-friendly solutions in Dubrovnik.

We have used to tool to calculate how much CO2 our customers have saved in 2022 on our different trips, based on fuel type and fuel consumption. Our energy comes from a green energy source - hydro
energy - so from a fuel perspective, our emissions are zero. The tool helped us to show, that in 2022 you have helped us to save 2 tonne of CO2 compared to other companies offering similar trips, using different
types of diesel vehicles.

For example 2 tonne of CO2 equivalent to 75 to 100 trees

The calculations are based on the KG/CO2 emitted from the other trips. Here we have inserted the type of vehicles used by our competitors, who offer similar to our trips, and calculated their CO2 emissions based on the vehicle fuel consumption and distance. We have also used the number of guests on each trip in the calculations. We decided to include more recent models of vehicles, to ensure the numbers are not exaggerated. 

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